October 10, 2018

What Are Your Rights If The Park Tries To Evict You?

A mobile home community can file to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent as soon as the grace period for payment is past due.


notice of past due rent with keys and money on the table

The landlord must serve a written notice and allow the tenant to pay the overdue amount or else the tenant will be subject to eviction.

eviction notice taped to a wall

For a mobile home park to evict someone for a reason other than nonpayment of rent, the park management must serve the tenant a written notice, referred to as a “Notice to Quit”.

The homeowner can choose to remove the home from the property, sell the home, fight the matter in court, or relinquish ownership accompanied by a court order and visit from the local Sheriff.

home and judge's gavel on top of a law book

According to Colorado Legal Services, a homeowner should assert their rights during an eviction for the following reasons and advises obtaining legal representation, saving all important documents and records of interactions, and prepare to appear in court.

  • The landlord's reason for eviction is untrue
  • The landlord did not serve you with a written notice to quit
  • Your written notice did not have all the required information
  • You have corrected the problem within the given time
  • Landlord took the rent after knowing the reason for eviction
  • The violation you have been of violating is not significant
  • You and your landlord did not sign a written lease
  • The reason to evict is to bring in another home

For more details on your rights and possible outcomes if a park attempts to evict a mobile home owner, visit these helpful websites.

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