July 15, 2018

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Mobile Home?

                Owning a mobile home provides you with the freedom to move your home

                                                                 BUT how much does it cost?

                                                mobile home traveling on the trailer of a semi truck

                                                         The Average Costs to Move a Single Wide:

                                                                                          $7,000- $9,500

                                          -Transport + Tear Down+ Set Up+ Inspections + Permits (Turn-Key)

                                                              large construction equipment placing a manufactured home on land

                                                                The Average Costs to Move a Double Wide:

                                                                                             $12,000- $16,500

                                             -Transport + Tear Down+ Set Up+ Inspections + Permits (Turn-Key)

How Long Does it Take To Move Your Mobile Home?

The process can take 1-3 months from disassembly to move-in. It also requires quite a bit of leg work for both the mover and the homeowner.

Some of the Steps Involved Include …

  • Securing a new resting place for the mobile home
  • Checking building codes to make sure the mobile home is permitted
  • Hiring a reputable mover for prep, transport & reassemble
  • Permits from Regional Building Department & Treasurer's Office
  • Gas, water & electric installation & inspection
  • Prepping & setting up for the new site
  • Cleanup of the former site

If you are thinking of moving your mobile home, the best route is to hire a reputable mover who can help guide you through the basics.

With proper planning and scheduling, your home can go wherever you want!