September 7, 2018

What's The Difference Between Mobile Homes And Manufactured Homes?


Do You Know The Difference Between Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes?



mobile home surrounded by trees

Mobile Homes
Were built before July 15, 1976. After this date, all mobile homes have been deemed manufactured homes. They are placed on property but not permanently attached and the wheels remain in place.


manufactured homes setup on a street

                                           Manufactured Homes
Built after 1976, they move around just like mobile homes, but are constructed to look like a standard house. Everything is pre-built in a shop and delivered to the site. They consist of only one floor, but they can attach to make single, double or triple-wide homes. They are built in accordance to the federally regulated HUD Code.


modular home made up of multiple parts

                                     Modular Homes
Bridge the gap between manufactured homes and site-built homes. Factory workers construct modular home pieces and take them to a site for assembly. The homes may have multiple levels and are not mobile once constructed. Instead of abiding by HUD Codes, Modular homes are subject to building codes required by the specific location it is built upon.