August 15, 2018

Can The Park Make You Move Your Mobile Home?

Yes, The Mobile Home Park Can Make You Move Your Home!

The park can require you to remove your home if:

  • The Park decides to sell the community.
  • Your mobile home is declared unsafe or unsanitary.
  • You are being evicted for nonpayment or for violating park rules.

What Are Your Rights?

In all cases, the park management is required to provide you with a written notice.

  • If the mobile home park is being sold or closed, management is required to give you a notice to relocate your mobile home.
  • If your mobile home is deemed “unsafe or unsanitary”, the park must first give you a notice and a period of time to repair the home to meet reasonable park standards. In this case, it is important to note that a park cannot force a home out based on a home’s style, size or age.
  • If you are being evicted, the park must declare the reason as a “good cause” that breaks a written rule and/or term in the lease. Park management is required to provide written notice and serve via postal mail and by the notice posting on the home. This protocol is called a “Notice to Quit”. Tenants are provided a period of no less than 30 days from the notice being posted to remove the home from the space.

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